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Fine Tune Car Care

Fine Tune Car Care

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Type & Trim Shine

Introducing West Coast Customs Fine Tune Car Care Products: Your Road to Automotive Excellence!

Upgrade your car care routine with our premium essentials:

  1. Wheel & Tire Cleaner: Say goodbye to grime, and hello to sparkling wheels and tires.

  2. Exterior Detailer: Elevate your vehicle's shine effortlessly.

  3. Spray Wax: Achieve a brilliant, long-lasting finish with a quick spray.

  4. Tire Gloss: Give your tires a sleek, showroom-worthy appearance.

  5. Interior Detailer: Keep your cabin spotless and inviting on every drive.

  6. Tire & Trim Shine: Unleash the gloss and brilliance on your tires and trim, making them look better than ever before.

Trust West Coast Customs for a journey towards automotive perfection. Elevate your ride today!

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