Do you accept walk-in's?

Unfortunately not, we work on a strict schedule on things that are planned months in advance, we advise you to fill out an inquiry form if you're looking to get something done with us and we will call you back if we think its something we can take on!

Do you do sponsorships?

Unfortunately we don't.

Do you accept oversea's jobs?

Yes! We will add the cost of shipping into the final price.

How do i get on the show?

All candidates are chosen by a third party, we don't have a say on who gets chosen.

Do you work on non-celebrity cars?

Yes! we accept jobs from everyone!

Can i get a quote on my vehicle customization?

Yes! Just fill out this form!

Can i hold an event at WCC?

Yes! We accept events just fill out this form and we will get back to you!

Where can I watch the show's?

Can I buy merch in-store?

Yes! We have our walk-in Merch Room where you can buy in-store
2101 W. Empire Ave Burbank CA, 91504.
OR place a pickup order from our website!

Do you buy cars?

No, unfortunatly we don't.

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